On Episode 37 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam analyzes a key moment in Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman’s public testimony relating to the official transcript of the July 25th phone call between President Zelensky and President Trump.

Kassam summarizes the excerpt below: “When he was confronted about the fact Vindman had the ability to suggest changes to this White House call transcript. When he was asked to submit changes to his senior Tim Morrison, and Tim Morrison accepted all his changes, there was one big change that [Vindman] claims now but that wasn’t in his original [transcript].”

Rep Wenstrup: Mr. Morrison was skipped in your chain of command about your other concerns. So Mr. Morrison said he’s the final clearing authority. He saw your edits. Do you remember if all of the edits were incorporated and he said, yes I accepted all of them. That’s on page 61-62. So he believes all your edits were accepted.

In your edits, did you insist that the word “demand” be put into the transcription between the conversation of the two presidents?

Colonel Vindman: I did not. 

Rep Wenstrup: But you did say that in your opening statement today. 


Kassam describes the significance: “It was a big moment because [Vindman] had the ability to influence what the official record reflected and at the time he was part of creating the official record he did not suggest that President Trump demanded anything of President Zelensky, but he did use that language this morning.”

Kassam continues: So Rep. Wenstrup is showing it doesn’t add up. If he did not hesitate back then that something was wrong there, [Vindman] would have surely said we have to include the demand.

Put simply, “There is no demand.”