On Episode 52 of War Room: Impeachment, host Raheem Kassam unpacks ‘All the President’s Lies’, a recent CNN Special Report hosted by Jake Tapper.

Kassam notes how CNN “played this up in such a massive way. You’d think this was going to be some big huge takedown of the president. How could he ever recover?”

In reality, the takeaway was: “That was it?”

The show was “not geared to be a factual, evidentiary basis of cutting [Trump down]” and instead focused on CNN’s “ideological pet projects like climate change and tariffs.”

What exactly were President Trump’s “lies”?

1.“The sharpie gate incident in Alabama during Hurricane Dorian. They obviously neglect to mention the fact the original chart did show more landfall.”

2. “There was too much rain at the inauguration. President Trump said it didn’t really rain and there was actually more rain than he said there was going to be.”

3. “Climate change. They had Michael Mann, […] the guy who sold this infamous “hockey stick” [graph]. He put this model together that showed an extreme amount of warming in the earth that wasn’t proven to be true by averages and aggregates and is still the subject of great ridicule.”

4. “His inability to make any deals. “They didn’t mention the NATO spending commitment deal, the 18 countries up from 4 [paying their fair share] just from a couple of years. They just said he hasn’t really done anything on immigration and that was his big thing. He didn’t manage to get a deal on DACA done.”

5. “They talk about tariffs and how they’re hurting some US companies and businesses. A very very sparse mention of how the business that are getting hurt are getting subsidies to make sure they’re not adversely affected by what can only be seen as a right, moral, and economic crusade against China. 

6. “They talk about the trade deficit. It’s okay to have trade deficits, that was their line on that. It’s perfectly reasonable.”

7. “The Iran Deal he shouldn’t have pulled out because now they’re using their centrifuges like they weren’t before when in fact they were.”

8. “They ended on the upcoming impending recession.”

It’s clear the report was intended to push an agenda: “They had about 10-12 experts being featured as interviewees on this CNN special. 8 of them were CNN staff. They were people who CNN employed to do this every single day. They were not overt experts on the subject matter.”