On Episode 30 of War Room: Impeachment, Raheem Kassam broke down Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s opening statements.

“It was a pretty powerful opening statement, establishing her credentials as somebody who has literally taken fire in her service to the United States; somebody who is from a foreign background, a USSR background, her mother fleeing Nazi Germany. She walked through the corruption things that were taking place in Ukraine, the U.S. policies that she was trying to put in place to stop those things.”

“And it would have been an incredibly compelling testimony if what was on trial was America first foreign policy. Oh, but it is! That is what’s on trial here. That’s exactly what the testimony was against. It wasn’t against the President, it wasn’t about the phone call, it wasn’t about abuse of power. This was Ambassador Yovanovitch, mostly talking about herself, saying this foreign policy doesn’t work.”