On Episode 35 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and guest Jenny Beth Martin, founder of Tea Party Patriots, discuss how opposition to placing conditions on foreign aid is representative of the establishment’s foreign policy continual failure in prioritizing the needs of America.

Martin remarks: “Presidents always put conditions on money. If they don’t, then what are we saying to the world? American taxpayers are your money tree, come pull your money of the tree it doesn’t matter what you do with it.

Bannon adds that “every dollar that America spends on foreign aid or military assistance” ought to advance the America First agenda.

It also relates to “President Trump’s biggest concern” which was “whether or not other European countries were going to step up, pitch in, and pay,” according to Martin.

Martin continues: “The way the Democrats are framing this we’re never going to be able to ask for anything with foreign aid. Take a step back from the component about the Bidens. Are we never allowed to ever have anything tied to the money we’re giving away?”