On Episode 77 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam discussed CNN’s John Avlon’s reaction to the letter President Trump sent to Pelosi: “If Jefferson can call Adams ‘hermaphroditical’, then President Trump can write this letter.”

Kassam began discussing the reaction to the letter: “There are going to be people out there [saying] ‘this is unpresidential.’ Like John Avlon’s very, very robust attack against the letter on CNN when it first came out… He says you can’t sit in the same seat Washington sat in and say things like this.”

“I just want to recall for people that the founders, and throughout America’s history there has been very, very robust names called, and accusations hurled: ‘bastard brat of a Scotch Pedler.’”

Bannon asked Kassam: “Isn’t what he’s saying on the eve of impeachment, with the gravitas this is, that it should be a higher standard and not trolling? Is that what Avlon’s saying?”

“No,” Kassam responded. “If he was saying that he would not have… said the President is wont to use those words, he’s regular at using terminology like this and phraseology like this. It wasn’t to do with the time, it was just to do with his disagreement the President shouldn’t speak like this at all.”

“And let me tell you something: if Jefferson can call Adams hermaphroditical, then President Trump can write this letter.