Trump interrupted his Thanksgiving vacation here in Florida with a 36-hour trip to Afghanistan, where he made a surprise visit to Bagram air base and announced that he intended to draw down forces in America’s longest war and had resumed peace negotiations with the Taliban after he had scuttled them in September…

Jason Miller, a former Trump campaign adviser who has been recording a pro-Trump radio show and podcast, “War Room: Impeachment,” said it is critical that the president show voters that he is focused on doing his job — especially as his reelection campaign intensifies.

President Trump is a born leader, so these events come naturally for him, and looking to 2020, can anyone really imagine Elizabeth Warren opening an Apple factory, Bernie Sanders greeting troops overseas, or Joe Biden negotiating with foreign leaders without Hunter there cutting side deals?” Miller said, taking shots at three of the leading Democratic presidential candidates, including a reference to Biden’s son, that echo the message of the president’s campaign toward Trump’s potential 2020 rivals.

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