Former Congressman Darrell Issa joins Episode 110 of War Room: Impeachment, calls for a long Senate trial to investigate corruption among Democrats and various agencies such as the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.

Issa explains: “I know the Senate would like to take 2 weeks to do nothing, but in the real world, 2 months of actually holding the Democrats accountable for their false claims against this president for what the president and his family had to go through with false accusations, to be honest, every member of his team has been one way or another affected by [Democrat’s] attempt at [proving] not just collusion but every possible activity, [should be the preferred strategy].”

He calls for investigation of various agencies: “This needs to be an investigation of the wrongdoings by the FBI, and that can be done when you start calling in people who lied, changed documents, and did things to cause the president to be accused of essentially treason.”


Adding, “Unfortunately the closed door at the CIA and all these agencies always get a pass from scrutiny. In this case, when they, in cahoots with the FBI and the Department of Justice are what caused these false allegations, they have to come before congress and testify full out and completely.”

Issa also calls for IG Horowitz to testify: “There’s one person I’d love to see [as a witness], and that’s Michael Horowitz. Quite frankly, the IG is one of the few honest brokers in this thing. He may reach conclusions people don’t like, we don’t have specific evidence, but he went through and with his limited authority, he found so much wrongdoing. You bring him in, and he explains all the tentacles of government he wasn’t allowed to go into, it makes the case for Attorney General Barr expanding with his US attorney this investigation.”

He points to Schiff’s lies as deserving thorough investigation: “It may hurt some of the classified history but remember, Adam Schiff, pencil neck as the president likes to call him, he’s the guy that said I’ve got the evidence, I’ve seen it, and Devin Nunes said no, I’ve seen the same evidence, it’s not true. Now we know Devin was telling the truth, and Adam Schiff was lying. The only way to resolve that is for Adam Schiff, if he is going to be the prosecutor, he’s also going to be a fact witness.”

Adding, “I think when you’ve lied to the American people, said you’ve had something, the president has a right to say, look, whatever that information is, I’ll waive it’s top secret clearance, now tell us what it was. It doesn’t exist.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds: “It is the crime of the century. As good and Lindsey Graham is, we’re not going to unearth this in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.”

Issa responds, “That’s because paint dries faster.”