On Episode 103 of War Room: Impeachment, Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer analyzes Iran’s attack on two American bases in Iraq.

He emphasizes: “The Iranians missed purposely. Let’s just get that right up front.”

Col. Shaffer elaborates: “At this point, the class of missiles used are essentially updated Scud missiles if you remember the Gulf War of ‘91. I was listening to an opposition network on the way in, and they were saying oh, oh the patriots didn’t work. No. We didn’t bother to shoot at missiles we knew were going to miss, and this was a lesson learned from the Iron Dome system. Iron Dome is essentially forced to focus on missiles which are going to hit something important, and if it doesn’t hit something important, let it go. That’s what happened.”


Host Stephen K. Bannon adds the Iranian Supreme Leader called the missile strikes a “slap.”

Col. Shaffer explains: “That may be what they’re trying to feel this out for right now because these things were not meant to kill anybody. They were not meant to send a message. I’d say a cowardly message. This is kind of like one of those slap fights you see. I would take their world seriously.”

He explains his rationale again, emphasizing how Iran missed on purpose: “The weapons they used last night were essentially unguided and area weapons meant to terrorize not actually do anything in the way of real damage.”