On Episode 109 of War Room: Impeachment Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller discussed nightmare of a week Iran has had.

“The President is tweeting now in Farsi at the Iranian protestors effectively, giving a warning to the regime.” Kassam explaining Trump is “also saying the to protestor, ‘we are following your protests closely. Your courage is inspiring.'”

“Let’s take a step back for a second, and not look at this through the lens of how the media wants us to look at this,” he continued. “Which is impeachment; was the Soleimani killing right and proper; the authorization of force and the war powers. Forget it. Take a step back.”

These tweets alone are more than President Obama ever did to help Iranians throw off the yolk of their oppressive, fascistic, theocratic, censorious, barbarous leadership in that country. You had so many numbers of opportunities over the Bush administration, over the Obama administration with ordinary Iranian people. Like the people in Hong Kong. Like the French yellow vests. Ordinary people all across the world who are rising up – like you guys did back in 1776 – and saying we don’t want to be told from some foreign capital or some remote oligarchy what to thing, what to tweet, whether we are even allowed access to these things.”

“President Trump is really shining a light here in a way that the United States hasn’t done in a very, very long time,” Kassam explained.


“We have a phrase in the UK,” he said, “an absolute mare. If you’ve had a nightmare, you’ve had an absolute mare. They’ve had an absolute mare of a week, the Iranians. A total disaster. From…the embassy attack. They thought that would be another Benghazi. They thought they might kill someone. They knew what they were getting themselves into.”

“Then you had the killing of Soleimani, attempts to blame Trump and U.S. foreign policy. Didn’t work. Then you had of course the Ukraine plane.”

“One hundred and seventy-six innocent people they had shot down,” Miller elaborated.

“An absolute disaster and a mare,” Kassam continued. “And now you have these protests on the streets of Tehran and indeed around the country. Another absolute disaster as far as the regime is concerned.”

Miller brought the conversation back to last Wednesday, when President Trump addressed the nation following the killing of Soleimani: “We talked about the stick. When he put out there the maximum deterrence and economic sanctions, and reminding people we have the biggest missiles, the best missiles. But one of the most important buried leads, and we talked about it here on the show, was the carrot that President Trump extended to the Iranian people. He reached out to them directly and said, ‘we are with you. We’re supportive of you. We know you have good, freedom loving people who just want to prosper and do better for your families.'”

“For whoever came through in the administration and said let’s go and actually tweet at them in Farsi: genius. Whoever that person is, give them a raise… This is huge.”