On Episode 109 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Jason Miller and Raheem Kassam breakdown the latest polling for the Democratic primary coming from Iowa.

To Miller, it’s all “good news.”

The first poll the two analyze is a CNN “polling specific to Iowa which is a swing state.”

Miller explains: “48% said that President Trump should not be removed from office while only 40% think he should be. This is pretty big. Now, Iowa is a swing state. Bush won it once. Bush lost in once. Obama won it both times. So this is a swing state. Trump won it with a decent margin in 2016, but it’s very much up in the air. This is a tough state to win.”

The main takeaway is that “public opinion is moving away from Pelosi and the House managers.”


Miller also notes how this is not a national poll, making it a more accurate reflection of the views of swing state voters: “This is largely a product of people being pretty smart. They can see there is nothing there. As Jonathan Turley says, these are ‘wafer-thin’ articles of impeachment. But there numbers have to be a shot across the bow to Democrats. When you see these national polls that show effectively 50/50 like the Real Clear Politics rolling average it’s like 47.4% say don’t remove the president, 47.2% do remove him. But those are all national. That’s adding in California and New York and a bunch of liberal bastions.”

He summarizes: “when you go to the swing states, where it matters, impeachment is not popular.”

Kassam adds: “very bad news as far as Nancy Pelosi is concerned.”

Later in the show, Kassam and Miller discuss the upcoming Democratic debate.

Kassam explains: “The Democrat’s platform was the struggle bus originally, then it was the witness protection program, now it’s the oligarchy.”

Miller dives into more Iowa-specific polling: “We’re getting ready to go to the impeachment trial where the Senators who are running won’t actually be able to go to Iowa and New Hampshire. So in Iowa right now, 3 weeks until the Iowa caucuses, crazy Bernie is in first at 20%. It’s his first time in first. Pocahontas is at 17%, Mayor Pete is at 16%, and the buried lede that no one is jumping on is Joe Biden is stuck in fourth place in Iowa at 15%, the exact same place that he was in November. This is the real buried lede here.”

Miller continues to explain how Sanders and Warren are at the top of the Democratic field: “Things are setting up right now. You could have Bernie Sanders win both Iowa and New Hampshire and that’s why there’s a Politico story out. My headline for the story is “Dems freaking out over Bernie or Warren, Their Possible Nominee.” I think Tuesday’s debate is going to be big but again, a lot of these Senators, particularly Bernie and Warren are going to be back here in Washington for the next couple of weeks.”