On Episode 66 of War Room: Impeachment, Jason Miller broke down the new expedited impeachment timeline.

“No later than Thursday we’re going to see the House Judiciary Committee vote on these two articles of impeachment… That will clear it from committee.”

Miller discussed the expected date for the House floor vote on the articles: “Now we’re hearing – we’ve talked to the White House, we’ve talked to members of Congress – that it’s then scheduled to come up for a full floor vote next Tuesday, the 17th.” That’s four days earlier than War Room host Stephen K. Bannon predicted in early November. 

Bannon asked Miller about the impeachment timeline between the major votes: “Between Thursday and Tuesday, what has to transpire?”

“It’ll need to most likely clear Rules Committee because it’s not a bipartisan measure,” Miller explained. “It’s very much split along party lines. In fact the only bipartisan vote is ‘no,’ as Kevin McCarthy correctly pointed out previously… There will be some aspect of a floor debate, we don’t know how big that’s going to be.”

Miller emphasized: “They’re pushing this through at such breakneck speed because they don’t know how to message it.

“What we heard from Senator Braun is that the Senate will have to take an immediate vote. Because once those articles come over, they’re supposed to pick it up immediately. But what they’re going to do is take a vote essentially to table it to either Monday January 6th, or Tuesday January 7th.”

“The key thing in between [the first Senate vote and the trial], is McConnell and Schumer have to have a conversation of what that Senate trial is going to look like. Are they going to have live witnesses? Will they have depositions only?”

Bannon questioned the Senate Majority and Minority leaders’ ability to work together. Miller responded he believes it will go better than expected: “I think this will be easier to come by than most folks realize. Because I think McConnell wants to get it done as fast as possible; I think Schumer wants to get it done as fast as possible.”