Author and political analyst Raheem Kassam unpacked this week on the War Room Impeachment podcast with Stephen K. Bannon, explaining the tipping points in the impeachment process, as making predictions for the days and weeks ahead.

In the testimonies thus far there has been no quid-pro-quo established, explains Kassam, adding that today’s testimony by Phillip Reeker, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, will be noteworthy.

Reeker has been described as “utterly nonpartisan” and “a workhorse not a show horse” – which raised some flags to Kassam.

Kassam discussed how the White House operation is changing as a result of a bad week on impeachment, and how on the Hill, and in wider Republican circles, efforts are finally being taken to combat the phony “quid pro quo” narrative pushed by the Democrat Party of America.

Stephen K. Bannon remarked that the Mark Meadows and Matt Gaetz interventions this week heralded a sea change in how seriously conservatives were taking the process, and co-host Jason Miller lauded all but three Senate Republicans for signing a resolution by Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) decrying the secretive process in the basement of the U.S. Capitol.

Kassam also explained how appointed “nonpartisans” use their positions to implement their own foreign policy, instead of that of the President, and how this week’s testimonies by predominantly career foreign service bureaucrats were a testament to how they feel they are above the elected President and his policy agenda.

The William Taylor testimony, he recalled, invoked the U.S. Charge D’Affairs’ “love” for Ukraine, and his concerns for the eastern European country.

“There is a chain of command,” says Kassam, “I don’t want your love in a policy briefing.”

Kassam insisted that Reeker – testifying Saturday – is subscribed to the beliefs of former Ukrainian Ambassador Yovanovitch, and has a globalist, career, foreign service world view. 

He went on to discuss “managed decline” and how career foreign service bureaucrats have attempted to implement such a theory in the U.S. just as they once did in Great Britain.

Globalists want “the EU to have more power, China to have more power, and they don’t want America First,” thus they are using the impeachment process as a way to undercut Trump’s foreign policy.

“Reeker is going to try and point fingers at Rudy Giuliani,” as the former New York City Mayor is blamed for her removal from office. Kassam also predicts Giuliani will be making more and more headlines each day.

The mainstream media is “very keen” on Reeker, according to Kassam, and positive framing of his testimony can be expected. 

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