Phillip Reeker, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, testified in from of the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry for nearly nine hours on Saturday morning. The matter was discussed by Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam on the latest episode of the War Room: Impeachment podcast.

Hosting an important testimony on a Saturday is out of the ordinary as is, but a nine hour ordeal proves that Democrats are looking for more than just corroborating stories about the so-called “quid quo pro” in President Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelenksy.

Co-host Raheem Kassam discussed how the lengthy testimonies are turning up more questionable statements than evidence, referencing former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor testifying about a look he saw someone give.

Host Stephen K. Bannon starts to put the testimonies into context, asking important questions: “What were the paths that led to the call on the 25th of July of 2019 that has now become essentially a world historical event?

“A call that took place at 9am, what were the paths that led us there. Why was it so important? Why was there so much resistance to President Trump? Why did President Trump have a different attitude about what should take place? Why did he have, quite frankly, he did have an off-the-books – which all Presidents have – FDR in World War II had 50 off-the-book programs going at any one time? What was Rudy Giuliani going on? What was Mike Pompeo’s role in all this? Once you contextualize this and get it away from this agonizing, everything’s so urgent, everything’s so huge, Ambassador Taylor’s testimony is so ginormous that we should actually impeach a sitting President of the United States off of William Taylor’s testimony? It is so important.”

“This last week was supposed to be the big week for the Democrats,” Kassam pointed out. Instead the testimonies failed the Democrats, turning up no “quid pro quo”; meanwhile the President’s allies, such as Matt Gaetz and Mark Meadows, came out of the shadows to defend the Commander-in-Chief.

“If you thought last week was explosive, there’s more of it to come,” Kassam stated. Including a testimony on Tuesday by Alex Vindman, Director for European Affairs at the National Security Council, “which will be a very important one because what did Alex Vindman say about that call between President Trump and President Zelenksy. What did he say and who did he say it to.”

“I think Vindman and [Tim] Morrison [of the National Security Council] become very important,” Bannon adds.

“It is important to note, we’ve said multiple times now over the course of the past week, this is effectively a policy dispute that is taking place – but what policy? We’ll break it down over the course of the next week,” Kassam explains what’s to come on War Room: Impeachment.

Listen to Episode 7 of War Room: Impeachment

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