On Episode 43 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Raheem Kassam and Stephen K. Bannon discuss how impeachment will affect Joe Biden’s 2020 prospects.

Kassam states: “This [impeachment inquiry] is going to knock Joe Biden out of the race.”

Bannon remarks Biden “is going to have to explain [his involvement in Ukraine] to the American people. It’s not going away.”

Bannon asks if “the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi understood when they started this [impeachment] process they were throwing joe Biden under the bus?”

Kassam answers: “It didn’t really matter to her what happened to Joe Biden. It was the Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders types taking control of the race. […] Nancy Pelosi would far more like a middle of the road, hyper establishment type like Bloomberg like Hillary Clinton to take the reins or she just doesn’t really care about the people who are going to be affected by this.”