Episode 79 of War Room: Impeachment highlights Rep. Grothman’s remarks during the House’s impeachment debate.

Rep. Grothman enumerates an extensive list of what Democrats unreasonably hate president Trump for:

President Trump doesn’t want people coming here and going on welfare, and you hate him for it. President Trump wants able-bodied people on food stamps to try to work, and he’s hated for it. President Trump renegotiated that rip-off trade agreement with Mexico and Canada that was left in place by President Bush and President Obama, and you hate him for it. President Trump sides with law enforcement instead of criminals, and murders dropped 1,000 people last year, and you hate him for siding with the police. President Trump lets Christian adoption agencies choose who they want to parents and you don’t like him for that. President Trump won’t let foreign aid go to agencies that perform abortions, and you hate him for that. President Trump’s judges stick to the Constitution, and he’s disliked for that. President Trump is keeping his campaign promises, and you hate him for that.

Rep. Grothman’s speech elucidates how impeachment is driven by a hatred for President Trump as opposed to solid, first-hand evidence an impeachable offense ever occurred.