“The number one thing that’s most important we want to communicate is this impeachment thing is about Trump’s America first foreign policy,” co-host of War Room: Impeachment and former Senior Communication Advisor in the 2016 Trump campaign Jason Miller said at the beginning of Episode 8.

“The one key thing the one common thread through these people [for impeachment] is that they fundamentally disagree on how President Trump does business on the world stage,” Raheem Kassam, co-host and former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage, added.

“They don’t think the president has done anything illegal, they don’t think there are any high crimes and misdemeanors, they don’t think there is any abuse of power.”

“This is fundamentally an attack on president trump’s foreign policy,” Miller reiterated, elaborating, “These folks [Trump’s opposition] need to be called out for their records, their sometime 10-, 20-, 30-year records of global, elitist agenda…They’re wrong, history is going to show they’re wrong.”

“We need to go make some of these folks famous and break down their careers,” Miller later commented.

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