Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch joined Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller on Episode 57 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss Wednesday’s Judiciary hearing, as well as the impeachment process ignoring the Constitution and rights of the President.

Fitton explained his thoughts on the Judiciary Hearing:

“This is an impeachment hearing about nothing. There are no articles of impeachment, so [the witnesses are] being asked to comment on a conclusion, or documents, or materials that haven’t been presented to the American people for consideration. We have a three hundred page report that is just more of the gossip we heard in the prior hearings. I’m calling it the ‘Gossip Girl report’.

“If the Judiciary Committee is going to be holding a hearing, they should figure out how Schiff got those phone records that he was able to insert into the public record in violation of any notions of decency or Constitution.”

He then discussed the overall impeachment process:

“That’s the issue today, to have academics come in who are partisans. You have literally an Elizabeth Warren donor testifying to the Democrats, less than a year before the election, to impeach Donald Trump. If that doesn’t tell you about the abusive political nature of this process, I don’t know what will.”

“I understand all processes like this – this is an impeachment process, it’s in the House, it’s political. But there’s got to be a modicum of concern about our Republic, our Constitution, and the due process rights of the President. None of that has been present through any of this.”