Then-vice president Joe Biden spared no words when he extolled the virtues of his second son, Hunter Biden, in a 2013 address to South Korean students at the elite Yonsei University.

“And as I speak, my son has just boarded—my grown son has just boarded a plane, an aircraft—he’s heading to the Philippines,” Biden said. “His name is Hunter Biden. He’s chairman of the World Food Program USA, and he’s going there out in the field, like so many of you did. I’m so incredibly proud of him and the tens of thousands of young people around the world who either went or wanted to.”


But Hunter Biden wasn’t exactly going “out in the fields” in the same way a naive 20-something might travel to the developing world to dig wells and build schools. What Joe Biden didn’t tell the next generation of South Korean elite was that his son was visiting the Philippines with a Secret Service entourage that was costing U.S. taxpayers a fortune.

As Hunter Biden zipped across the globe for his business deals, taxpayers paid $193,696 for his Secret Service entourage, according to an official database that reports unclassified government expenditures. That amount is nearly four times the recorded security bill of the four adult Trump children—combined.