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MAPPED: Up to Date Visual Info on Coronavirus Spread

This map from Johns Hopkins is updated with information as to the spread of coronavirus as it breaks: 

Episode 850 – Hunter Biden is Still the Bag Man … Biden and the MLB Sell Out to China

The Father of the Virus Lies on Neil Cavuto War Room’s in-studio co-host for the day Dr. Peter Navarro fact checks Dr. Fauci’s lies on Fox News. Stephen K. Bannon rips Fauci for lying that he has “nothing to do with the border,” when he is running the U.S. response. “You’re shutting down churches, you’re […]

Episode 849 – Woketocracy … How to Beat Corporate America’s Assault on American Liberties

The People Must Rise War Room reacts to police shutting down religious services around the world over Easter weekend. Christian filmmaker Jason Jones praises the Polish pastor in Canada who kicked out Nazi cops trying to shut down his church. Dr. Peter Navarro, who is in-studio for the full show, says what’s going on is […]

Google Executive Dreams of ‘Super AI’ to Rule the World

A Google executive dreams of a world ruled by “super AI” so he can live forever. Mark Jeftovic, the CEO of EasyDNS joined War Room’s special on transhumanism to expose Techno Utopianism, and why he believes it will fail. Jeftovic said there “is no such thing as artificial intelligence.” AI stands for “algorithmic imitation,” and […]

Rabbi Spero: We Must Fight Transhumanism Like Socialism and Communism

Rabbi Aryeh Spero joined War Room’s special on transhumanism and explained how best to fight it.  Spero said transhumanism is the result of man’s “hubris.” “There has to be a humility before God and there has to be a ceiling to man’s hubris,” he said. “It’s more than just arrogance, but thinking he is the […]

U.S. Now Ruled by ‘Priesthood of Scientists’ and Technocrats

Author and economist Patrick Wood said America is now ruled by a “priesthood of scientists” like Dr. Fauci. Wood joined War Room’s special on Saturday to expose the connection between Technocracy and Transhumanism. It goes back to the French philosopher Henri de Saint-Simon, who believed “scientists are superior to all other men.” “This is where it […]


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