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Christians Falling Into Transhumanism Trap

Cheryl Chumley, of the Washington Times, warns some churches are entering into a transhumanist trap.  “Christians are actually using transhumanism to advance a cult-like view,” Chumley told War Room, during its special Descent Into Hell: Transhumanism and the New Human Race. The quest of the global elite to obtain eternal life has seeped into religious […]

Episode 848 – Descent Into Hell: Transhumanism and the New Human Race Part 2

Techno Utopianism  Part two of War Room’s special on transhumanism begins with a deep dive into Techno Utopianism with Mark Jeftovic, CEO of EasyDNS. Jeftovic explains how there “is no such thing as artificial intelligence.” AI stands for “algorithmic imitation.” Nevertheless, Google’s executive vice president is dreaming of a world ruled by “super AI.”  Follow […]

Facebook is Developing Mind Control Technology Using Your Data

CEO of Gab Andrew Torba peels back the many layers of transhumanism, and explains why it boils down to a good old fashioned battle of good versus evil. Torba joined War Room’s special on trasnhumanism, and revealed how Silicon Valley is stealing your data to perfect technology its executives will try to use to live […]


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