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Rabbi Spero: We Must Fight Transhumanism Like Socialism and Communism

Rabbi Aryeh Spero joined War Room’s special on transhumanism and explained how best to fight it.  Spero said transhumanism is the result of man’s “hubris.” “There has to be a humility before God and there has to be a ceiling to man’s hubris,” he said. “It’s more than just arrogance, but thinking he is the […]

U.S. Now Ruled by ‘Priesthood of Scientists’ and Technocrats

Author and economist Patrick Wood said America is now ruled by a “priesthood of scientists” like Dr. Fauci. Wood joined War Room’s special on Saturday to expose the connection between Technocracy and Transhumanism. It goes back to the French philosopher Henri de Saint-Simon, who believed “scientists are superior to all other men.” “This is where it […]

Jason Jones: Transhumanism Will Cause Greater Genocide Than in 20th Century

Christian filmmaker Jason Jones makes a dire prediction that Transhumanism will be deadlier than the genocides of the 20th century. Jones, who studied mass murder of communism and socialism in his book with John Zimrak The Race to Save Our Century, said elite’s practicing transhumanism do not value human life. “Transhumanism will be responsible, at […]


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