On Episode 111 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discussed the chasm amongst Republicans in the Senate over the impending impeachment trial.

“We have the dirty thirty, no we’ve got the five [Senators],” Bannon began. “And we could have an expanded list.”

Miller gave background, explaining the recent CBS article by Ben Tracy and Kathryn Watson entitled ‘White House expects GOP defections on calling witnesses in Senate impeachment trial.’ “It said, according to senior White House officials…believe that at least four Republicans, likely more, will vote to call witnesses.”

“The one thing they do in this story,” Miller continued, “is conflate a little bit about the good guys like Rand Paul calling witnesses, because he wants to go and have these punks held accountable, versus the bad guys. So it has on here of course the big three, the unholy triumvirate of Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Susan Collins of Maine, and Willard Mitt Romney of Utah. Those are the only three who wouldn’t sign onto Lindsey Graham’s motion going back a couple of months ago.”


“I just want to stress this is a massive deal. This is not a crack. This is a big, gaping chasm in this impeachment process,” Kassam emphasized.

“The whole time, since the end of October when we started this, we said unity and substance. And now it appears that this same old crowd of GOP Senators are actively working in the worst interest of a Republican president.”

“If I were a listener to this show,” Kassam suggested, “I would be burning the phone lines to every single one of these Senate offices, saying we’re not going to tolerate this.”

“Number one…[people are] going to realize off the back of this they are not to support these people in the upcoming election. It just cannot happen. There should be primaries. They should be stopped. They should be told next time they’re up around: no dice. We’re not doing it any more.”

“The second thing,” Kassam continued, “is this portends so badly. Because the dovetailing of all of this means we’re going to get witnesses in the trial. But you’re also going to have a short trial. Which means only the Democrats get the witnesses. Republicans don’t get the witnesses. We don’t get the whistleblower, we don’t get Hunter Biden.”

“We said with Congressman Issa here,” Bannon states, referencing Episode 110 of War Room: Impeachment, “that right now there’s three options. It’s the immediate dismissal, which we’re not for because they’ll always cry foul… You’ve got the short, truncated trial. Then you’ve got the [expanded trial] with witnesses where you get the whistleblower, you get the [Inspector General’s] report, you get Brennan, all of it.”

“This is the worst of all possible outcomes.” Bannon explained: “This is the shifty-Schiff. This is the truncated trial and throw in a Mulvaney, throw in a Bolton, and throw in Vought and the rest of the guys at OMB.”

“These people have latched onto the taxpayer teat,” Kassam said, referring to the Republican Senators who are against an expanded trial. “They have enriched themselves to the tune of twenty five to forty million I think the McConnell’s are worth.”

“I know why they don’t want a long trial. They don’t want a long trial because it complicates matter for them,” he continued. “It complicates matters that people know that they’re on the receiving end of all this taxpayer induced largesse as well. This is the rationale why the Romneys don’t want to go after it. All these people who have been here for so long in the foreign policy circuits, in what they call the ‘community’ in Washington, D.C.. They have latched on and they don’t want themselves exposed at this point.”

We have to make it very clear that this medium trial is the worst possible outcome. It is the worst of both worlds.”