On Episode 25 of War Room: Impeachment, special guest Rudy Giuliani reiterates how Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zelensky contains no quid pro quo, emphasizing how Zelensky is the first to even mention the issue of corruption.

“I challenge anyone to read that transcript and come away with any feeling of pressure, coercion, or untoward conduct. I mean it’s a perfectly normal conversation between two heads of state in which they first talk about what President Trump loves to talk about: how Europe isn’t spending enough on Ukraine, and Zelensky, by the way, is agreeing with him, and they make a little joke about Angela Merkel.”

Giuliani continues: “And then it’s Zelensky who first brings up draining the swamp. He first brings it over to corruption. And then Trump says darn right there’s corruption, look what they did in 2016. Do me a favor, and look into it. He doesn’t say you must look into it. I demand you look into it. If you don’t look into it, I’m going to break your kneecaps.”

Giuliani compares this to Biden’s conduct towards a Ukrainian prosecutor: “He doesn’t say what Biden said, “You better fire the prosecutor, or you don’t get your money.” 

Despite this, Giuliani points to how “all the witnesses [Democrats] have out there, these State Department fancy pants people say they were shocked by the conversation and almost cried over the conversation.”

He continues: “If you can cry over that conversation, you are seriously in need of Trump derangement medicine.”