Rudy Giuliani inaugurates the first episode of War Room: 2020 with an explosive report: three Ukrainian officials were allegedly approached by Obama-era National Security Council officials, one of whom may be the whistleblower, soliciting “information on the Trump Campaign” during a White House meeting in January 2016.

The three Ukrainians – former advisor to the Prosecutor General Andrii Telizhenko, Deputy Prosecutor General Konstantin Kulik, and top anti-corruption prosecutor and target of Democrat impeachment Marie Yovanovitch’s firing campaign, Nazar Kholodnytsky – are ready and willing to testify about the meeting. 

Giuliani elaborates: “The three of them will say that they were at the National Security Council and two members of the National Security Council who represented Biden asked them basically to dig up dirt on the Party of Regions and any of their consultants, and their consultant was [Paul] Manafort. It was later clarified they wanted Manafort. And one of the key people at the meeting making the request is one of the people suspected of being the whistleblower.”

In short, “Obama’s people are asking political operatives of Ukraine to get information on the Trump campaign. It’s as simple as that.”


He also relates it to the conspiracy against Donald Trump Jr: “I think there may be somebody that was at the beginning and the end of the frame-up of Donald J. Trump Jr., and it might be the whistleblower.”

According to Giuliani’s exclusive report, the whistleblower “for four years and more, was consumed and obsessed with getting Trump not elected, then out of office like Peter Strzok and if in fact that conversation took place, that’s the very conversation that they believe happened with Donald Trump Jr. for which they tortured him for 2 years and nobody investigated.”

Giuliani’s War Room: 2020 approved recommendation?

The whistleblower has to testify. There is a chance you can tie the whole conspiracy around with the whistleblower, at the beginning and at the end.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds: “That’s why Lindsey Graham at the Judiciary Committee you need to hold the hearings there because this is where you make that case.”

Giuliani’s recently launched ‘Common Sense’ podcast provides more analysis and additional evidence to corroborate this developing story.