Former New York City mayor and President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani joined Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller on Episode 20 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss the impeachment proceedings as well as both Joe and Hunter Biden’s Ukraine ties.

Miller prompted Giuliani: “Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson…asked Secretary Mike Pompeo to release any information they have on Hunter Biden and Burisma Holdings while Joe Biden was Vice President. Why is this so important and do you think the Senate should have formal hearings, as President Trump has called for?”

The Mayor responded: “I thought they should have a year ago. We wouldn’t have had all this trouble.

“I brought this up almost a year ago,” Giuliani continued. “I tried to get people in the Senate to look at it; the Justice Department wasn’t interested; the FBI was kind of out of it because part of the allegations involved corruption in the FBI. Yes, sure they should. And it shouldn’t just be Hunter Biden. It should be all of the corruption that went on there in 2016. And what you’re going to find out is there was a lot of dirty information -some just nasty info that’s plain false – that Ukrainians were getting at the bidding of the Obama administration.”

“There was a meeting in the White House in January of 2016. Three members of the National Security Council, Obama’s National Security Council, instructed Ukrainian prosecutors – two of them are willing to testify to this in open court – to get dirt on- one of them said to get dirt on [Paul] Manafort, the other one said to get dirt on Manafort, the Trump campaign, Donald [Trump] Jr., [and] Donald [Trump] to see if they could support the Russian [collusion] charge.”

“And I think you’re also going to find that two cases were dismissed that contain a lot of evidence of collusion. One of them is a company run by [George] Soros that’s called AntAC, and another one is a company run by a guy named Yushchenko.”

“People don’t realize that. But when Biden did his bribery of the prosecutor, the new prosecutor dismissed the case against Biden’s son, the case against Biden’s son’s crooked boss, the case against the company, but then two cases that were actively investigating collusion – meaning Ukrainians getting information and turning them over to the DNC, to Fusion GPS, and the very famous Black Ledger which appears to be completely forged.”