On Episode 25 of War Room: Impeachment, special guest Rudy Giuliani discusses the public impeachment hearings which begin tomorrow, November 13th. 

Giuliani contends: “We’re going to see a real assault on the Constitution and the republic. This is a very very dangerous thing the Democrats are doing. It’s not at all an impeachment that was intended by the founders.”

He continues: “It’s not based on any crime or any wrongdoing. It’s based on a misinterpretation of a conversation that even if you use the misinterpretation, it wouldn’t have been a crime. It’s been completely orchestrated by Adam Schiff with these two weeks of secret hearings and selective leaking so that you prejudice the public.”

He emphasizes the unparalleled unfairness: “There has been no rights granted to the President of the United States. None. Completely devoid of due process. No right to counsel, no right to question anyone. So now, after having completely pejucied everyone they are going to hold the show hearings in order  to see if they can prejudice the public more and propound a big lie.”

He continues: “I think what they’ve done is practiced in a masterful way the big lie. They had a conversation which they originally said that President Trump threatened president Zelinsky with taking away $400 million in foreign aid if he didn’t go ahead and investigate Biden. Well the fact is the conversation doesn’t say that. They have selective leaking and selective interpretation. They’ve put forward witnesses who have interpreted the conversation which we can read for ourselves to say that the president asked for a quid pro quo.”

 Giuliani definitively states: “This is a coup to remove the President of the United States.”