On Episode 25 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon asks special guest Rudy Giuliani “why are they starting tomorrow with Ambassador Taylor and Kent?”

Giuliani believes it’s “because they were the ones who were clearest on quid pro quo and bribery.”

Giuliani doubles down on George Kent, someone he’d “like to cross-examine.”

“George Kent has got a problem of his own. George Kent wrote a letter in which he asked that a case be dismissed by [Ukrainian prosecutor] Lutsenko, and it was the case against Soros’s NGO AntAC. And that company AntAC was right in the middle of gathering a lot of the dirty material on Trump and Donald Trump Jr. [AntAC] also worked with Fusion GPS. 

Kent was “Marie Yovanovitch’s deputy and also the guy that helped set up the 2 so-called anti-corruption bureaus in Ukraine that turned out to be Soros protection bureaus.”

Giuliani continues: “So George Kent helped to set up for George Soros as Soros did in several other Eastern European countries these special prosecutors offices. That sounds very very good. They’re fighting corruption. So the special prosecutor takes all the prosecutors cases away from the Prosecutor General because the Prosecutor General is supposed to be corrupt, but then what happens is all the cases against Soros’s companies and NGO’S are dismissed. The cases against Soros’s enemies are brought and then the cases that the State Department doesn’t want bright, they direct them to drop.”

Giuliani highlights that “Kent is on record writing to them, interfering in a criminal case and a criminal investigation on behalf of George Soros.”

Although the “dismissal of that case has caused a lot of evidence that could be very very damning with regards to collusion, there is enough [evidence] left that there is a very, very strong case that the DNC and Hillary Clinton were paying for and gather information from Ukraine.”