On Episode 25 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon asks special guest Rudy Giuliani if the Democrats “have a case” against Trump by pursuing “extortion and bribery” since they’ve abandoned the quid pro quo angle over the “last 48 hours.”

Giuliani responds with a resounding no: “Well, first of all, in order to have a bribery case you have to have a quid pro quo, so there is no bribery case. Bribery is offering something of value in exchange for official action. The president offered nothing, and he asked for a favor. He didn’t demand anything which takes the extortion out of it.”

He continues: “If you look at the words in the conversation, these are not words of extortion or bribery. Believe me, I’ve never had a bribery case or an extortion case where “Fat Tony” walks up to someone and says “hey do me a favor, pay me my money back.”

The extortion charge would have required Zelensky to “feel pressure.”

Giuliani continues: “So Zelensky’s testimony that he didn’t feel pressure is the key to an extortion case. Somebody else can feel pressure, but if Zelensky doesn’t feel pressure, there is no extortion.”

Co-host Raheem Kassam adds: “Zelensky has given so many interviews about this. Every single time he is perfectly clear that he didn’t feel any pressure or that it was inappropriate. How do you have Bill Taylor and George Kent going up there and saying oh well this was obviously inappropriate and the president to Ukraine was acting under duress when the President of Ukraine himself is saying [otherwise]?”

Giuliani responds: “In a trial on extortion, their testimony would be irrelevant. We don’t allow opinion testimony. Your opinion of whether I feel pressure is irrelevant, it’s was I pressured or wasn’t I. The only testimony that would be relevant is Zelensky, and he is sure enough able to speak for himself. And you can also tell from the tenor of the conversation that there was no sense of pressure. It was a very cordial conversation.”

Giuliani also addresses Trump’s alleged withholding of their meeting: “The president agreed to a meeting with [Zelensky] in the middle of that conversation. The president said we’ll meet in Warsaw, and if I don’t go to Warsaw, we’ll then meet at the UN, which is what they did. And then the president went ahead and said, I thought it was kind of cute, if you’re ever in the neighborhood, stop in. if you’re in Washington, come in and say hello. And Zelensky says if you’re in Kiev, I’d love to show you the town. 

Giuliani adds: “This is a perfectly normal conversation that these craven democrats have twisted. I’ve never seen anything as dishonest.”