Last week, approval of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus surged in an ABC News poll, with 55% approving and 43% disproving. Just a week prior only 43% approved, with 54% disapproving. Similarly, a poll from Morning Consult from just four days before ABC’s poll found that 47% of voters approve Trump’s coronavirus response, while 43% disapprove. Clearly, approval is trending up – and fast.

In fact, more Americans approve of Trump’s handling of the virus than the media’s reporting on it. No wonder some “journalists” are calling on networks to stop broadcasting Trump’s pressers with his coronavirus task force.

American politics has temporarily been reduced to a single issue, and Trump’s growing approval on that issue is translating to his overall approval ahead of the November election.

According to Gallup:  Forty-nine percent of U.S. adults, up from 44% earlier this month, approve of the job Trump is doing as president. Trump also had 49% job approval ratings — the best of his presidency — in late January and early February around the time of the Senate impeachment trial that resulted in his acquittal.