On Episode 54 of War Room: Impeachment, Congressman Matt Gaetz joined the show to discuss the upcoming week as we await the release of the Intelligence Committee reports and the Judiciary Committee holds its first impeachment hearing on Wednesday. 

“At the end of last week, you heard Democrats really crowing about their own perceived success. They believed they had made the case factually, and just this groundswell of support for impeachment would be overtaking Republicans over this Thanksgiving holiday. 

“Quite the opposite happened. Actually, the more the Democrats put evidence on, the more the American people tuned out, turned off, and dropped away from this impeachment push by Democrats. 

“The problem for [Democrats] is that if you play hearts, going for impeachment is sort of like shooting the moon. When you start doing it, you can’t really go back strategically; because they would eviscerate the enthusiasm in their own base. 

“That brings us to this week in the Judiciary Committee, where my perception is that Democrats are trying to get impeachment through the digestive tract of the legislative process as fast as humanly possible. What they are going to do Wednesday I think really plays directly into our hand and our advantage.”