On Episode 106 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller were joined by Rep. Matt Gaetz to discuss how the upcoming impeachment trial may play out in the Senate.

Bannon began: “This is what I’m lost about: this austere conversation about the gravitas and the decorum of the Senate. I got it. But I do not understand why people like Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz are not being considered in the team to back up Pat Cipollone and to back up Jay Sekulow who are fabulous lawyers. This is not just a legal brief. The trial of the century is going to be on global TV. It is as much information warfare as legal strategy.”

“I can tell you why,” Gaetz said. “Republican Senators are only going to be able to participate by passing notes to the Chief Justice. Steve, you know as well as I do: those Republican Senators do not want to see a bunch of House members over on the Senate floor doing our thing.”

“You think that’s what it’s come down to?” Bannon asked.

“Yes,” the Congressman affirmed. “I believe you’ve had a number of Republicans in the Senate reach out to the President and advise him against having House members litigate this case on the floor. I think Pat [Cipollone] is a great lawyer. I think that Jay [Sekulow] is not only a great lawyer but is also a very effective communicator. I think they’ll do a great job.”

“Obviously Mark [Meadows, Jim [Jordan], Lee Zeldin, Andy Biggs, and I [are] going to be helping every way we can from a communications stand point, in the boiler room going through evidence. But when it comes to the actual presentation of the case on the Senate floor, if it’s your hope House members are involved in that I think you’ll be disappointed.”


Bannon explained it is “obviously very important to have you guys up on TV, and radio, and communication. Because you guys really understand mass communication like the President does. Jim Jordan, Lee Zeldin, Mark Meadows, yourself particularly,” he told Gaetz. “That’s not the point. Where the center of gravity of global television is going to be is on the thing itself. And if we don’t have people that, first off, understand the case, understand it thoroughly.” Bannon stated he believes Jordan, Zeldin, Meadows, and Gaetz are some of the most familiar with the material and can “bring the communication skills.”

“And you have to be able to respond in the same medium,” Miller added. “This is when we go back to Access Hollywood Weekend for example. When we had the tape come out and there was talk on the team: do we just do a statement? No, we have to have a video. We have to have something that will go and be out there. That’s why we had President Trump go and deliver those remarks direct to camera.”

He continued to explain that “the action, the battlefield so to speak here is going to be down in the well of the Senate where you’re going to have shifty Adam Schiff and the rest of the House Democrats attacking and knifing and sticking a shiv in President Trump for up to six hours a day. And our response has to be delivered in that same construct. It’s not passing some note in some gentile manner. We’re going to completely lose that. If you don’t think that President Trump is going to watch that and not want someone fighting back.”

If I was litigating this case, I would go right after Adam Schiff,” Gaetz asserted. “I would go after the fact that this is a set up built around his ego, his illegal coordination with the whistleblower, the lies that he told the American people. I would make this a trial of Adam Schiff and not the President. I would advise those litigating the case that if they get into tweezing through the individual facts, that is a rabbit hole. We have to expose this for the attempt to destabilize our democracy that is it.”

“You’re going to put them on trial. How would you do that? You would turn the guns around on them and put them on trial,” Bannon asked.

“I think it’s by doing just what I said,” Gaetz explained. “By point out this was not the organic outgrowth of some presidential misconduct. The President did nothing wrong. This is a set up. This is a distraction from the fact that they were humiliated in the Russia hoax. And I would go right at that in an opening statement.”

“Do you think the Democrats, after they’re shot down at the impeachment, are going to push for more impeachment?” Miller asked the Congressman.

“They’ve said it in court,” Gaetz replied. “As you well know, they’ve gone to court and said they’ve got impeachment fever and there is no cure for it.

“This has to be stopped in this trial,” Bannon said. “If you don’t give them a full facial, if you don’t punch hard you’re not going t0 stop it. It’s a continual process.”