On Episode 76 of War Room: Impeachment Rep. Matt Gaetz joined Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller to talk about how he would approach the trial with the “best evidence first” if he were on the President’s counsel.

Bannon said to the Congressman: “You have been one of the most important members of this entire evolution, and you’re playing for history. If we actually had a real trial in the Senate and you were one of the lead counsels: you’re a litigator, how would you run this trial?”

“I always put my best evidence first,” Gaetz said. “And here the best evidence is that the President’s questions about the Biden’s and Burisma were legitimate. So I would start by defining the conduct of Burisma and the Biden’s as corrupt: I would get the financial documents, I would get the depositions. Then I would show the coordination between these elements of the deep state and these Democrats who are pursuing impeachment. I think that evidence is going to be very strong.”

“You guys mentioned the whistleblower. The public reporting on the whistleblower seems to indicate a strong connection to Adam Schiff’s staff, to presidential campaigns, to left-leaning politics-”

“To Brennan,” Bannon added. 

Gaetz continued: “I think you put that evidence on first. And if you do, you gain a win beyond just the vindication of the President. You also start to show the American people what reforms are necessary to win this country back.”

“This is the point of Trump’s presidency,” Bannon emphasized. “This is what’s important. He was elected to stop managed decline. That interagency process, this whole Ukraine thing – this is all about managed decline. He was elected by working class and middle class people.”

“You know this better than anybody,” Bannon said to Gaetz. “You were with us in Florida the entire time. This was to return America to her greatness. This was to make America great again. We cannot do that unless we lance the boil.”