On Episode 106 of War Room: Impeachment, Rep. Matt Gaetz explains how his ‘Yes’ vote on yesterday’s War Power Resolution reflects the Trump doctrine –  “kill the terrorists and come home, and we do not engage in endless forever wars in the Middle East.”

He explains: “The Trump movement is an anti-war movement. It really is. And that’s not to say we don’t defend ourselves. I think there is a key distinction there. In the resolution that I voted for yesterday there was a robust articulation of self defense, even if we had to take preemptive actions to protect our troops. But there is a difference between action and defense, our troops and our allies in a protracted, forever war in the Middle East.”

Rep. Gaetz notes: “I am not one who believes we need another generation of these quagmires, and I also think we politically cannot allow Nancy Pelosi to cast Donald Trump as the pro-war candidate.

He highlights the massive financial burden of these wars: “I don’t believe that these retracted engagements that are unfocused, unconstitutional, that have bled away 6 trillion dollars – more than the market capital of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple combined – I don’t really think that is the best for our country.”


He continues, describing what constitutes the ‘Trump doctrine’: I think it was a reflection of the true Trump doctrine. I believe the Trump doctrine works at its best when we kill the terrorists and come home, and we do not engage in endless forever wars in the Middle East. When you look at some of the folk particularly in the Senate who are critical of the resolution, some of the same folks who are the biggest champions of a lot of these interventionist regime change wars.”

Rep. Gaetz adds: “I get sick and tired of people in this town acting like toughness is engaging in conflict in the Middle East. I think real toughness is actually standing up to the perpetual war lobby.