Congressman Matt Gaetz joined Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller on Episode 76 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss the upcoming Senate trial and noted how “Democrats have failed to meet their own standard.”

“They told us that after these public interviews of witnesses that there would be this groundswell for impeachment, there would be Republicans changing, there would be a new bipartisan majority for impeachment. All of that has turned out to be a lie. The evidence wasn’t good, it wasn’t direct evidence.”

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The Congressman then asserted he believed the Republicans have “showed the extent to which this was not the organic outgrowth of some bad presidential conduct. It was a straight up set up.”

He asked the hosts who they thought was the real jury of the impeachment trial is, noting: “I think inside the beltway of Washington, there’s a belief that the jury is the Senate. But you seem to believe there is a broader audience to this.

The Congressman later discussed with Miller and Bannon who the first witness – if the Senate trial has witnesses – should be. The War Room hosts agreed it should be the individual who set the whole process into action: the whistleblower.

When asked how he would make the case for the President if he were part of the legal counsel, Gaetz went through what he feels is the best evidence in Trump’s defense.

“I always put my best evidence first. And here the best evidence is that the President’s questions about the Biden’s and Burisma were legitimate. So I would start by defining the conduct of Burisma and the Biden’s as corrupt: I would get the financial documents, I would get the depositions. Then I would show the coordination between these elements of the deep state and these Democrats who are pursuing impeachment. I think that evidence is going to be very strong.”