Tulsi Gabbard appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to hammer Hillary Clinton on her ‘warmongering.’

This is not the first time Gabbard, or according to War Room: Impeachment host Stephen K. Bannon, “Queen of the Incels,” has lit into Clinton. The two feuded on Twitter after Clinton accused her of being a ‘Russian asset’:


The conversation between Carlson and Gabbard centered around Clinton in light of “#ivotedforhillary” recently trending on twitter because of the bizarre notion that a Clinton presidency would have avoided conflict with Iran.

Even the Queen of the Swamp herself joined in:

Carlson’s segment examined the validity of such claims, noting she is “maybe the single most likely person in the history of America to start a war with Iran.”

Carlson asks Gabbard if Clinton is “Kind of a full-blown Neocon, no?”

Gabbard responds: “No, you’re not imagining that. Everybody knows and understands that she is a warmonger. It is her record.”

She’s establishment foreign policy in the flesh.


Gabbard points to Clinton’s embrace of this globalist, hawkish world view as responsible for costing her votes in 2016: “I think this is why a lot of people back in 2016 in the general election decided they would vote for Trump because of what he was saying on the campaign trail about ending stupid wars and bringing our troops home.”

The two then discuss U.S. intervention in the Middle East, attacking the established way of conducting foreign policy, synonymous with Clinton’s worldview, in favor of an America First agenda: 

Gabbard explains: “When we deploy our troops downrange and their in harm’s way, there has to be a very clear mission that’s achievable where they know exactly what they’re doing there and why and that that mission actually serves our country’s national security interest.”

She continues: “Getting our troops out of Iraq and Syria is essential because the longer they are there the more likely it is that they are at risk and that we will end up in this endless tit for tat, back and forth quagmire of a war with people wondering what is it all for.”