On Episode 58 of War Room: Impeachment, Raheem Kassam broke down the House Intelligence Committee’s ‘flimsy’ majority report, saying some of its contents ‘don’t stack up.’

Kassam said the report was “flimsier than I thought it would be.”

“There are certain things that stood out to me,” Kassam began. “Number one – we mentioned it on the show this morning – it reads like a story book, it reads like a novel. The language of it- It’s pretty well written. I mean if I bought this in a store I would think it might be slightly boring, there aren’t as many twists as I would like. But actually it’s pretty well written, it’s not a bad novel.”

“That is not what makes a case for impeachment. What made a case against the impeachment was the minority report, which was: fact, fact, fact, fact, fact.”

Kassam furthered that the flimsy majority report is “quite poorly referenced. One of the reasons it took me so long to go through this – and I was going through pages and realizing I was going through about one page every five minutes. That’s not because I’m a slow reader, I was checking the references.”

“If you go into the footnotes and you actually start looking up what they’re citing,” Kassam elaborated. “I found one that cited an interview between President Trump and Sean Hannity where the document that the Democrats have released says that President Trump said one thing in that interview about Ukraine, and CrowdStrike, and the server. And I looked at that interview; I looked at the written transcript of that interview, I didn’t just listen to it. He didn’t say it.”

“What’s to say that things in this that they’re alleging as facts are factually true if some of these false references simply don’t stack up.”

Kassam then shifts gears into talking about the central pillars of the report: “it leans very heavy on the Marie Yovanovitch case, which I thought was quite strange. Because again, the President removing a sitting ambassador is well within the president’s rights and not an impeachable offense. A lot of this report – I mean a significant amount – talks about how Marie Yovanovitch felt, and how people around her felt, and how mean the process was.”

“I also think there is a bit of gaslighting going on in this document. Now there are some people on our side who have made the Ukraine claim about CrowdStrike and the server. The original claim, remember, was that the DNC didn’t give their hacked server to the FBI, they gave it to another company that gave it to CrowdStrike and that was the problem so far as people understood it. And CrowdStrike was working closely, I believe, with the Atlantic Council, had a lot of interests in Ukraine and that was the convoluted thing around that.”

“Unfortunately some people, and not big name people either, but some people have sort of said ‘their server is in Ukraine’ and all this sort of stuff. They lean so heavily on that in this report. They say conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory that Russia didn’t intervene, it was only Ukraine that intervened. Nobody’s saying that Russia didn’t try and intervene in the election. Russia tried to intervene, China tried to intervene, Iran tried to intervene, Saudi Arabia tried to intervene; I’m pretty sure that David Cameron in the United Kingdom put his two pennies in. In fact Boris Johnson back then said ‘I don’t like to go to New York incase I ever bump into President Trump.’ That was when Boris Johnson was foreign secretary. He’s now the Prime Minister meeting with President Trump at NATO meeting.”


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