House Speaker Nancy Pelosi believes impeachment is a “brazen attempt to nullify the vote of the American people”. At least that’s what she believed when there was impeachment speculation about potential President Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Clinton never did make it back to the Oval Office, but Pelosi has since found herself in charge of a process she once – recently – decried as baseless.

Read what Pelosi once wrote:

“In 1996, Congressional Republicans abandoned their presidential nominee and campaigned for a Republican House and Senate to serve as a ‘check’ on the Clinton White House.  Their ‘check’ on the Clinton White House was impeaching President Bill Clinton for matters that had nothing to do with his presidency.

“Twenty years later, Congressional Republicans are taking the same approach.  Citing the need to be a ‘check’ on the Clinton White House, Congressional Republicans are again plotting to obstruct and hold investigations for years.  This time, Republicans aren’t even hiding that they have impeachment in mind.

“In addition to there being no grounds for impeachment to begin with, moving to impeach President Hillary Clinton for alleged activities from before the election would be a brazen attempt to nullify the vote of the American people, outside our constitutional framework and destructive to the Framers’ intent.

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