On Episode 36 of War Room: Impeachment, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch joined Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam to discuss the latest witnesses and testimonies.

“These hearings are an abuse and the coverage needs to be honest. That this is just part of the story; the President’s being denied the ability to question witnesses, call witnesses; Republicans have been denied the ability to call witnesses,” Fitton explained.

“There’s one witness here that Republicans have been able to call directly. Now they brought witnesses in the Republicans did want to talk to; but the specific witnesses they’ve asked for, none of them have been blessed as ‘Republican witnesses.’”

“I have to say the President has not been well served by the legal defenses around him, and the Justice Department, and the White House Counsel. I think the defenses have collapsed. They haven’t gone to court to stop witnesses from testifying in a way that violates the President’s prerogatives as president, that protects classified information, that protects executive branch communications, presidential communications. And it doesn’t mean they don’t testify at all, but it allows the President, at least in the process in my view, in the end it would have allowed the President to be there to protect the institution of the presidency and the constitution – and his own civil rights.”