On Episode 36 of War Room: Impeachment, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch discussed with Jason Miller the legal allegations against President Trump and the lack of supporting evidence.

“This is not a scandal,” Fitton said. “We’re pretending this is a scandal. It was perfectly appropriate for the President to be asking questions and making the deep state uncomfortable – he was doing his job.”

“Frankly, he should call the Ukrainians back and make sure they are doing the darn investigation.”

Miller furthered: “We’ve seen Adam Schiff throw out all these legal allegations against President Trump. We have bribery, perjury, extortion, quid pro quo, obstruction, witness intimidation. I’m sure by the time today and tomorrow are over we’ll have several more legal allegations. I don’t know if we’ll have jaywalking in there, maybe they’ll try to pin the OJ murders on him – I don’t know.”

Fitton responded: “These are lateral passes they’re throwing down the field in hopes they get to the goal of impeachment. They’re just doing whatever they can. And bribery is the latest because they did a poll. They literally did focus groups according to the Washington Post and they found bribery worked. But there’s no bribery… That’s why they didn’t say bribery to begin with. Because then people say ‘what’s your case?’ And there is no case.”