On Episode 40 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discussed Fiona Hill’s background, digging up connections to dossier author Christopher Steele.

Miller began: “Chatting with one of our congressional allies on Capitol Hill, who is obviously not a Fiona Hill fan and supports the President, said ‘look, she is smart as a whip, she’s going to do very good today.’”

“And I would refer back to that Politico magazine profile story on Fiona Hill from September 30th of this year that I tweeted out this morning. It even says in the intro of it that ‘she joined others that entered the administration with backgrounds and world views that seemed deeply at odds with those of the President.’ And that’s the whole point that we’re getting at here with going through these backgrounds: that’s why we’re going to hear…their views that the U.S. should be doing that are different from Trump’s.”

“[Democrats] view this as the one-two punch,” Bannon said. “Vindman, to Sondland, to Fiona Hill.”

“What this seems like to me,” Kassam said, “is now that they’ve done I think their big, big hitters in terms of their knowledge of the timeline, and the conversations, and all of that. What they’re going at here with Fiona Hill and what her opening statement looks like is: ‘and if you dare challenge this narrative, you must be working for and with the Russians in the 2020 election.’ That’s what she seems to be resting on in her final few paragraphs.”

“Fiona Hill looks like she’s going to say: ‘look, if you don’t believe that Ukraine is fundamental to our national security interests, and that we must throw hundreds of millions of dollars without question, then you’re an ally of Russia.’”

“While she was at the National Intelligence Committee, she got to know one Christopher Steele, the author of the dirty dossier,” Miller added.

“This is not us putting our tinfoil hats on,” Bannon said. “This is a connection she’s got. Steele was part of this whole ecosystem.” 

“It was in her own deposition,” Kassam added. 

Miller pointed out in the Politico profile piece on hill, the magazine said “‘She had a high opinion of Steele, and thought he was very smart,’ a foreign policy veteran, and one of Hill’s close friends, told Politico.”