Guest of Episode 10 of War Room: Impeachment Nigel Farage, responsible for spearheading Brexit and current leader of the Brexit Party, discusses the similarities of nullification efforts directed towards the presidency of Donald Trump and Brexit.

He explains: “The whole baffle going on here with Brexit and this impeachment process is globalism vs. nationalism. That underlines everything that is going on here. Anybody who thinks the European Union is just some sort of peaceful getting together of countries that used to fight each other and now we trade with each other, love each other, and it’s wonderful does not understand that the European union is the prototype.”

It’s the globalist “prototype” for “Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry’s foreign policy of the globalist wing of the Democratic party.”

“They are trying to create a foreign government. So with that, why did the Ukraine blow up? Why has it dominated so much of our discussion. Because the European Union’s foreign policy is that they wanted to expand to the East and for Ukraine to become a part of the European Union. And worse than that, we had idiots like David Cameron suggesting that Ukraine join NATO.

The president of Ukraine was “removed in a coup in Kiev by people waving the European Union flag. It is expansionism and globalism.” 

Bannon relates this to today’s witness, Alexander Vindman:“The Lieutenant Colonel is saying he supports that policy. His issue about bipartisanship is to make sure that the Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Barack Obama globalist, corporatist part of the Democrat party is what he supports.”