On Episode 10 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam were joined by leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage to discuss the parallel events on both sides of the Atlantic.

In particular, the Bannon, Kassam, and Farage elaborated on the 2013 revolution in Ukraine, its causes, and its effects:

FARAGE: “The whole baffle going on here with Brexit and this impeachment process is globalism vs. nationalism. That underlines everything that is going on here. Anybody in America who thinks the European Union is just some sort of peaceful getting together of countries that used to fight each other and now we trade with each other, love each other, and it’s wonderful does not understand that the European union is the prototype. 

“Had Hillary won the election, she actually wanted American to join in with the European single market. They are trying to create a form of global government, and with that is foreign policy. So why did the Ukraine blow up? Why has it dominated so much of our discussion? I’ll tell you why:

“Because the European Union’s foreign policy is they wanted to expand to the East and for the Ukraine to become part of the European Union, and worse than that, we had idiots like David Cameron suggesting that Ukraine join NATO.”

BANNON: “Ukraine was the killing field in World War 2 between the Nazis and the Russians defense. 15 million slaughtered.”

FARAGE: “So what happened here is Putin, whatever you think of Putin, I mean he is there to defend the Russian national interest, and if you encroach on his territory up to his borders, he sees that as a threat. If you poke the Russian bear with a stick, don’t be surprised when he fights back.”

BANNON: “So your critics are gonna say Trump’s a Russian asset, Trump’s Putin’s buddy, Nigel Farage is on the payroll of the Russians, Nigel Farage has been out there promoting the Russians. How do you defend against that?”

FARAGE: “I am telling you that what happened in the Ukraine was a coup took place, an elected president was removed. Whether he was corrupt or not is a separate issue. He was an elected president and was removed in Kiev in a coup by people waving the flag of the European Union. It was expansionism and globalism that has led to all of this.”

BANNON: “That was 2013?”

KASSAM: “Would you call it regime change supported by the U.S. and EU?”

FARAGE: “Oh, absolutely.”

BANNON: “This is central to the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, that foreign policy of the globalist wing of the Democratic party.”

FARAGE: “Yes, and they act together don’t they?”

BANNON: “And David Cameron.”

FARAGE: “The same policy decisions in the Ukraine, the same policy decision about Iran for arguments sake, all of these things are being decided by the globalists and I don’t think the general public actually understands the background of this.”

BANNON: “They do not. It’s hidden from them.”

FARAGE: “They don’t get the sheer level of ambition that the globalists have. And you know, far from it, I’d make this point. Far from the European Union bringing peace they directly caused the war in Crimea and all of those things. I’d even go further back and say that that the EU’s recognition of Croatia actually sparked off the bulk of wars as well.”

KASSAM: “You know you have a situation in Syria now, this President is being criticized for what’s going on in Syria. Why does nobody talk about the 13,000 Ukrainians who have now died as a result of both the EU’s and the U.S.’s regime change efforts.”

BANNON: “I want to bring both you guys back to today’s testimony. What the Lieutenant Colonel is saying – and correct me if I’m wrong, because I think it’s important for the audience to understand – what he is saying is he supports that policy. What he supports in his issue about bipartisanship is to make sure the Hillary Clinton/John Kerry/Barack Obama globalist nature of that kind of corporatist part of the Democrat Party – that’s what he supports when we say this is a policy. With it’s precedent about is this thing legal or not, or is this a sham or not, it is a process about is it hidden or not; but this a policy debate is about this right here, is this globalist nature and that’s what the Lieutenant Colonel of Ukrainian descent has supported, is it not?”

KASSAM: “And that is why, you know, if I was employed by the White House you wouldn’t put me on the UK desk, right? It just is not appropriate. And I will say that myself.”

BANNON: “In 2013, you were actually there – this is what we’re talking about, that revolution – you were actually in the streets. John McCain was also there, was he not? And what did John McCain do?”

KASSAM: “Let’s be clear about this: John McCain was standing on stage with the head of a party called Svoboda, this was an overtly neo-nazi party that just so happened to believe in the same regime change. They wanted rid of the President of Ukraine at that point in time and they stood shoulder to shoulder. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, ladies and gentlemen. Look it up, there are pictures of McCain with the head of the party Svoboda.”

BANNON: “Because John McCain, he’s the one that’s beating on President Trump about NATO, he’s the one beating on President Trump about the EU. What did he and that wing of the establishment Republican Party, what did they support?”

KASSAM: “Look, remember when Mitt Romney said the primary opponents on the global stage to the United States is Russia. Now you and I knew at that point–“

BANNON: “And Obama heckled him saying ‘hey, the 1980’s called and wants their foreign policy back.’”

KASSAM: “Now actually, you know Obama had a point there because it was China he should have been looking at.”

BANNON: “He was, but he never did that. This is my point: I keep saying this is a sideshow to a sideshow – the only thing that matters is China and that’s what you have got to focus on. But when Obama said that, the hypocrisy. The pivot to Asia was hypocrisy. Their central focus was always Russia, right? And because the EU wanted to expand.”

FARAGE: “Yes, and this shows you how dangerous the globalist project is because there is actually no means – no democratic means – of checking these people. Who decides EU foreign policy? How does a voter in a general election in France, or Britain, or Germany–“

BANNON: “That’s what Brexit was about. You talk about democracy but yet you had the Brexit referendum and you’ve had the election of Donald Trump; and from the minute they both happened they have tried to use project fear to overturn this – that’s a nullification project.”

FARAGE: “Yes it is, and we’re at a key moment here, aren’t we? Because I’ve got this feeling – and 2020 obviously matters hugely here in the U.S.A., getting a proper Brexit delivers hugely – and I think we’re actually at a moment here within the next few months when we’re either going to see what we all worked for in 2016 succeeds and changes the world and gets the nation-state back to the unit with power, or we’re going to lose. We’re coming to the end game of this, I really believe that.”

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