President Trump’s defense team released their official memorandum on Sunday, wherein they assert the Democrats’ articles of impeachment “subvert Constitutional standards.”

The defense states “the articles fail to state impeachable offenses as a matter of law” and are “defined by subjective intent alone,” writing:

“House Democrats cannot salvage their unprecedented ‘abuse of power’ standard with fuzzy claims that the Framers particularly intended impeachment to address ‘foreign entanglements’ and ‘corruption of elections.’


Those assertions are makeweights that distort history and add no legitimacy to the radical theory of impeachment based on subjective motive alone. Under the Constitution, impeachable offenses must be defined under established law. And they must be based on objective wrongdoing, not supposed subjective motives dreamt up by a hostile faction in the House and superimposed onto a President’s entirely lawful conduct.”

Read the full brief: