The stark contrast between the Trump economy and Obama’s at the same point of their presidencies is reflected in today’s Rasmussen approval rating poll. Donald Trump leads Barack Obama by 6 points.

The Rasmussen daily numbers show that as of December 6th 2019 vs December 6th 2011, the two President’s were being judged on their economic performance over any thing else.

While Trump’s jobs numbers for November exceeded expectations of experts by 40 per cent, Obama’s performance was – even by CNN’s standards – not so hot.

In 2011, CNN noted:

“…only 39% approve of how he [Obama] is handling unemployment, and just 36% approve of the way he is handling the economy, not surprising when more than eight in 10 think the economy is in poor shape.”

As the president’s approval ratings rise against Obama’s, it may be fair to conclude the House Democrat effort to impeach him is based on their fear that none of their candidates will be able to beat him at the ballot box in 2020.

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