Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller broke down Gordon Sondland’s Wednesday testimony as they compared Democratic and Republican strategy on Episode 39 of War Room: Impeachment.

“What was our mantra here [on War Room: Impeachment]?” Bannon said. “Somebody’s gotta step up and make a play. Mike Turner stepped up today and made a play, right. One of the best sequences in the entire day, galvanizing if you were watching this.”

“This is really the Crowded House moment, the ‘don’t dream it’s over,'” Miller explained. “This is the day that the music died. This was the Democrats’ last best chance to get President Trump and they missed. It failed spectacularly. They didn’t get it.”

Kassam added: “Credit to Jim Jordan, and Elise Stefanik, and some of the others as well. Ratcliffe also came bursting out of the blocks on the Sondland issue today.”

“[Democrats] are fighting the media war on this,” Kassam continued. “What they’re seeing is people are tuning out, the independents are shifting away from impeachment. So they’re always looking for the big gotcha moments like they thought they had with Sondland this morning. What the Republicans and Republican counsel seem to be doing is preparing for the Senate trial, and that is something completely different to winning the media war.”