Stephen K. Bannon was joined by Lee Smith, author of The Plot Against The President, on Episode 53 of War Room: Impeachment to discuss the book, the events that occurred after, and the key players in both Russiagate and Ukrainegate.

Smith explained: “If we’re looking at the structure of the NSC staff, and if we’re looking at the different people that came forth over the last couple of weeks, like Fiona Hill, these were people who all perceived the President in one way, and who all perceived Russia/Ukraine matters in one way.

“They perceive Ukraine as a strategic partner, as Lieutenant Colonel Vindman described it, which is outrageous… If you look at a map – and apparently our Russia/Ukraine experts are not looking at maps – Ukraine is a buffer state between a larger power to the east, Russia, and a superior power to the west right now, called the European Union. 

“The idea that somehow Ukraine is going to be important against Russia is ridiculous. And this is why the aid we’re giving the Ukrainians is relatively pointless: if Vladimir Putin wanted to invade Ukraine, he would be on Poland’s borders in forty-eight hours.”