Guest on Episode 28 of War Room: Impeachment Senator Mike Braun analyzes Wednesday’s public hearing – a “bad day for Democrats and Pelosi” – featuring the testimony of George Kent and William Taylor.

To Sen. Braun, “this was a gamble on the part of the Democrats” since it was the first time Republicans had a chance to pushback against the Democrat’s narrative. Hearings have moved “Beyond selective leaks. Information that they’ve been dishing out is now the counterpoint.”

Sen. Braun adds “Yesterday showed that finally, when we get to counter punch, I thought we did an excellent job.“ He praised the work of Rep. Jordan and Rep. Meadows. 

He continues, “When you went public, it was to try to focus group your way further into a conclusion and that’s been occurring since the Mueller Report flopped. I think [Democrats] calculated that they have to latch on to the next best thing with the time we’ve got available to build the case into election of November 2020.

Sen. Braun can “sense among the folks that have been pushing this that they are scrambling right now because yesterday was the beginning of our making the case.”

Democrats know “Everyday going forward, since [Republicans] can ask questions like you would in any other trial or inquiry, their case starts to weaken.”