On Episode 57 of War Room: Impeachment, constitutional lawyer David Rivkin notes how President Trump is not being afforded the same privileges as past presidents on going around the State Department’s bureaucrats.

He encourages “Republicans to be asking not only of the four constitutional law professors but going forward some questions that point out to how previous presidents have engaged in foreign policy exercises that were driven by private individuals.” 

Most notably, Rivkin points to “Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and George Washington.”

After all, “The very first diplomatic accomplishment in U.S. history was called the Jay Treaty. John Jay wasn’t in the private sector, he was a Supreme Court Justice. Foreign policy was not in his remit.”

Furthermore, “Kennedy’s brother Robert, when he was Attorney General, was negotiating with Russians during the Cuban Missile Crisis.”

He contends: “You can disagree with this as a matter of concern to the State Department mandarins who might feel cut out during these procedures, but how is that an impeachable offense?”

He also recommends Republicans “ask questions what was done relative to the outreach to Russia by the likes of the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign since I’m really sick and tired of this highfalutin rhetoric of how Trump has tried to pull Ukraine into the 2020 elections.”

He continues: “It’s like people suffer from historical amnesia. How many people don’t remember or have forgotten names like Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson. [They] looked for dirt on Trump, Manafort, and various other people involved on the Republican side in 2016 using foreigners and foreign intelligence services.”