On Episode 54 of War Room: Impeachment, guest Scott Rasmussen describes the growing trend of Americans viewing impeachment as detracting from other priorities like the “economy and healthcare.”

He believes “Democrats were so convinced that something good would happen, something would break their way that they missed the larger dynamics that are going on in this country.”

The “larger dynamic” is a sense of “frustration”: “2 out of 3 people say they think [Democrats] should be focusing on issues like the economy and healthcare rather than impeachment, and they tend to think the opposite is happening.” 

He also points to moderates’ ambivalence towards impeachment: “Most voters who aren’t firmly entrenched in this are going to be focused on the holiday shopping season trying to tune [impeachment] out. […] They’re more interested in the economy, healthcare, and other issues.”

To Rasmussen, “The only thing that could really hurt the president, the only thing that would increase support for impeachment and removal is if the economy goes South”, which is highly unlikely.