Former White House Chief of Staff under President Trump Reince Priebus joined Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller on Episode 30 of War Room: Impeachment, where he explains how the Democrats are effectively presenting a mens rea case.

“This is a case of state of mind,” Priebus told the War Room. “There’s no consummated wrongdoing in this case, we all agree that. The money was released, there was no exchange. And so therefore the question is whether or not someone has a bad state of mind. So they’re putting the President’s state of mind on trial.” 

“This is your mens rea argument?” Bannon clarified with the former Chief of Staff.

“Yes,” Priebus replied. “Because when you put someone’s state of mind on trial that defendant has an opportunity to say: ‘wait a minute, here was my state of mind. And in order to illustrate my state of mind, I need to call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, I need to call other witnesses to the stand in order to defend my state of mind. I need people to understand my state of mind in order to defend myself.”


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